I blog for SAMI Consulting, a strategic foresight consultancy. The following blogs are available on their website.

“Futures Literacy and Anticipation”
Review of “Transforming the Future – Anticipation in the 21st century”, UNESCO / Routledge, 2018, and more recent related activities.

“New Scientist Live, 2019 – A review”
Review of New Scientist Live, Excel London, 10th-13th October, 2019.

“Countering the threat from terrorism”
Review of proceedings of a NATO workshop published 2017. (pp. 12-14)

“State of the Future 19.1”
Review of the State of the Future Report published in 2017 by the Millennium Project. (pp. 15-16)

“New Scientist Live, 2018 – A review”
Review of the New Scientist Live Festival of Ideas and Discovery, Excel London, 20th-23rd September, 2018 (pp. 16-18)